Allgemeinmedizin und evidenzbasierte Versorungsforschung

Practice-oriented student education is very important. The close, intensive relationship between patients and general practitioners which often lasts for decades encompasses much more than purely medical matters and has a profound impact on the patients' social environment. In the courses with general practice content, we teach students that the inclusion of all these factors in the context of modern, evidence-based medical knowledge represents an exciting challenge for the general practitioners of today and tomorrow.

Timeline Studium

Interaction: Teaching and research

We find it very important that students learn from case studies and that our teaching content is conveyed based on the findings of high-quality studies. It is imperative that students are taught the methods of evidence-based medicine as they take advantage of opportunities in the basic medicine degree program as well as the general practice extension program and special research modules that we offer. This established knowledge can be applied in the required modules and the electives. In addition, we offer diploma research projects in which our students achieve competence in qualitative and quantitative research methodology with an emphasis on health services research.

Postgraduate courses in teaching

To counteract the shortage of general practitioners, the project "Allgemeinmedizin – die erste Wahl” (General Practice – The First Choice) offers courses in general practice in the degree program as well as at the postgraduate level.

Postgraduale Ausbildung

This interorganizational project to make general practice more attractive aims to arouse students' interest in general practice at the start of their studies, provide them with a focus during their studies and accompany them as they start their career by organizing special postgraduate events for both physicians receiving their basic education and physicians being trained to become general practitioners. IAMEV, Jamö, Stafam, Dr. Wendler's teaching practice, KAGes and the Styrian Medical Chamber are participating in the project, which is funded by the Styrian Health Fund (Gesundheitsfonds Steiermark).

Undergraduate opportunities include the new free elective "Insight into General Practice," undergraduate mentoring, Case Café and Research Café, Allgemeinmedizin to Go (General Practice to Go), internships and a 4-week voluntary elective that is part of the project Landarztzukunft (Country Doctor Future).

Postgraduate opportunities include postgraduate mentoring in the form of group consultations (2x year) or individual mentoring, Allgemeinmedizin to Go (4x a year) and a professional lecture series (2x year). Here is an overview of the postgraduate courses offered every year.

Overview of dates for postgraduate offers

"Allgemeinmedizin – die erste Wahl" (General Practice – The First Choice)

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